Go Utes

As U fans, we’ve experienced it all. The high of winning the big game and the low of a hard fought loss. We love our teams, and have traveled the nation with them from South Bend to New Orleans, Seattle to LA. We have visited the cathedrals of collegiate athletics and been treated as welcome guests. It’s now time for us to FanUp and stake our claim as one of the best fan bases in the land.

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Terms and Conditions

The FanUp Pledge

The FanUp Pledge reminds us what is expected from a great fan base. We hope our fans, as well as those visiting, will come away having experienced one of the best game day atmospheres around.


  • Love our Utes and welcome visiting teams and their fans
  • Promote a family friendly experience
  • Enjoy the game responsibly
  • Cheer loud and be Ute Proud!

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Andy Phillips, former kicker for the Utes football team

“FanUp has the ability to completely transform the way both our fans and the opposing team’s fans experience competition, both on and off the field. I’ve always been a big believer in sportsmanship and the ability it has to transcend competition. Although we can get riled up in the heat of the moment, we must understand that the opposition is working toward the same goal as we are. When this level of understanding is achieved, it makes the game that much more enjoyable to play and to watch.” —Andy Phillips, current kicker for the Utes football team, member of the University Athletic Sportsmanship Committee

Courtney McBeth

“As a former student athlete and current employee at the U, I want everyone to experience Utah pride in a positive way. I look forward to Utah fans being welcoming and encouraging to all fans. Together, let’s create a positive, competitive environment.” —Courtney McBeth, associate director at the Hinckley Institute of Politics and former Utes women’s soccer player, member of the University Athletic Sportsmanship Committee

Harriet Hopf

“I’m excited that we’re making the U a leader in sportsmanship as well as athletic success. Sportsmanship on the field and in the stands reflects integrity and high standards. And winning is more satisfying when you beat an opponent at the top of their game.” —Harriet Hopf, professor and vice-chair of Faculty Development, Department of Anesthesiology at the University of Utah, member of the University Athletic Sportsmanship Committee

Mary Thornton

“I’ve visited several universities that have had outstanding sportsmanship campaigns. As a visitor to their campuses, I thoroughly enjoyed my experiences. I want visitors to feel the same way when they attend games at the U. As we showcase our best selves through good sportsmanship, our visitors are sure to leave with similar good impressions of our fans and university.” —Mary Thornton, U Alumni Ambassador and member of the University Athletic Sportsmanship Committee

Ryan Lawrence

“Sportsmanship is everything for the game — you can win with class and lose with class, and it’s great to see that we’re putting our best foot forward in demonstrating our excellent sportsmanship. We have the opportunity to showcase just how proud we are of the U’s awesome athletic department, and players, coaches and fans alike are all excited to demonstrate that pride with visiting teams.” —Ryan Lawrence, ultimate Utah fan (Ultimate Utah Wedding winner in 2012)

Join Our Team!

Calling all passionate Ute fans to become an Alumni Ambassador.

An integral part of our FanUp campaign is the presence of Alumni Ambassadors. These volunteers help make Rice-Eccles Stadium the most fan-friendly venue in the country. They welcome opposing team fans along with Utah fans, extend a helping hand to those needing assistance, and encourage everyone to support the FanUp program. Options available for both season ticket holders and non-season ticket holders.

For more information and to apply visit alumni.utah.edu/ambassadors

Visiting Fans

If you’re making the trip to Salt Lake to cheer on your team, check out the visiting team information and make the the most out of your trip to Utah.